As organizations have implemented email security solutions and trained employees to recognize email attacks, threat actors have pivoted to more advanced methods that bypass protections, namely artificial intelligence (AI). 

In response, email security vendors are using AI in their defensive tools to stop attacks that leverage new and emerging attack methods in email. Many organizations have gained AI-enabled protections by virtue of their incumbent email security vendors, but to strengthen their defenses, they are now shopping for new solutions offering AI to bolster the baseline protections offered by cloud email providers.  

Read this research to learn:

  • How cybercriminals are leveraging AI to circumnavigate traditional email security tools

  • How AI capabilities are improving detection efficacy

  • Top AI-driven security features IT buyers are prioritizing when evaluating email security products
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Live Demo: Identify and Respond to Email Threats Faster with PhishER

With only approximately 1 in 10 user-reported emails being verified as actually malicious, how do you not only handle the phishing attacks and threats—and just as importantly—effectively manage the other 90% of user-reported messages accurately and efficiently? PhishER.

phisher-01-1To learn how, get a product demonstration of the new PhishER Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform. In this live one-on-one demo we will show you how easy it is to identify and respond to email threats faster:

  • Automate prioritization of email messages by rules you set that categorize messages as Clean, Spam, or Threat
  • Augment your analysis and prioritization of messages with PhishML, a PhishER machine-learning module
  • Search, find, and remove email threats with PhishRIP, PhishER’s new email quarantine feature for Microsoft 365 and G Suite
  • NEW! Automatically flip active phishing attacks into safe simulated phishing campaigns with PhishFlip. You can even replace active phishing emails with safe look-alikes in your user’s inbox.
  • Easily integrate with KnowBe4's email add-in button, Phish Alert, or forwarding to a mailbox works too!

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