Introducing Human Detection and Response (HDR) for Strengthening Your Human Firewall

HDR is a new category of technology focused on the human layer of cybersecurity

Your employees are your largest attack surface. For too long the human component of cybersecurity has been neglected, leaving employees vulnerable and creating an easy target for cybercriminals to exploit. In fact, the human factor is involved in 82% of data breaches, according to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.

Human Detection and Response (HDR) is a new category of emerging technologies, including KnowBe4’s SecurityCoach, that focus on the human layer of your cybersecurity strategy. HDR sits alongside traditional cybersecurity categories such as Endpoint, Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Extended Detection and Response (XDR).


Conceptually similar to XDR, HDR correlates, identifies and responds to user-related security behavior across your entire security stack. HDR technologies view your users not as a liability, but as a powerful asset that can be used to protect the organization and its assets, creating a true human firewall.

Additionally, HDR creates significant time savings for your overburdened InfoSec team by detecting and responding to the tens of thousands of events related to the risky security behavior of your users being generated within your existing security infrastructure. That way, HDR reduces the volume of alert noise repetitive risky behaviors cause, allowing the Security Operations Center (SOC) to focus on high-priority threats.

KnowBe4 - Pioneers in HDR and Beyond

KnowBe4 is driving this new human-centric category in cybersecurity, entirely focused on helping you improve your security posture by inoculating your end users against security threats. When coupled with our new-school security awareness platform, an HDR tool like SecurityCoach can help you to enable the human defense layer and develop a strong security culture across your entire organization.

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