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Transforming Security Culture With KnowBe4
Training And Phishing

After a zero-day ransomware attack hit an HVAC company a few years ago, they had to shut down for 1.5 days. They estimated it would take $2 million in new contracts to recoup damages.

Since they have started training and phishing their users with KnowBe4, users have become actively involved in security. They now know how to spot threats and are actually excited about stopping them.

How An Accounting Firm Uses KnowBe4
To Improve Cybersecurity

Employees at an accounting firm in Sarasota, FL, saw their city government get hit with ransomware that was launched via an employee clicking on a phishing email.

They realized this could happen to them and reached out to KnowBe4. Now that all users are stepped through security awareness training and receive simulated phishing tests on a regular basis, the firm has seen a positive change in user behavior.


Wholesale Distributor Case Study

This wholesale distributor in Europe, SIG plc., realized that along with the growing importance in technology and data, it became increasingly vital that SIG was protected from a cyberattack. The board clearly understood the risks of phishing attacks and gave their chief information security officer the green light to take the necessary measures to improve the company’s cybersecurity. In his plan, security awareness was made a priority.

By utilizing the KnowBe4 security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, SIG saw:

  • A reduction in Phish-Prone percentage from 32% to 7%
  • Real value from the platform through monthly measurements and metric reports
  • Employees provided tons of positive feedback

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Software Provider Case Study

This multi-national software provider, TXT e-solutions, was well aware of of the problems that organizations face with social engineering attacks, which is why they believe that educating employees about the dangers is so important. Given the ISO 27001 compliance requirement, their desire to strengthen the company's security culture and their need to satisfy GDPR compliance requirements, they found KnowBe4 to be the best fit to meet their needs.

See how KnowBe4's integrated security awareness training and simulated phishing platform helped them:

  • Reduce their Phish-Prone Percentage from 17.4% to 0.7% in five months
  • Encourage employees to come to the IT Support Team to double check suspicious looking emails before clicking on them

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Case Study - Mayflower Theatre

English Theatre Case Study

This theatre, the Mayflower Theatre, wanted to take a proactive approach to cybersecurity and adopted the KnowBe4 platform to educate their employees, improve cybersecurity and raise awareness. The IT team wanted to find a way to mitigate cybersecurity threats by raising awareness about common risks such as phishing emails and scams involving fraudulent websites.

  • For the offering and the price, KnowBe4 was unique to anything they'd seen in the market
  • Having KnowBe4 has led to a decrease in successful phishing emails being clicked on by staff

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Case Study - Ireland Thumbnail_v2

Ireland Nonprofit Case Study

This Irish nonprofit organization, Irish Cattle Breeding Federation and Sheep Ireland, was looking to ramp up their culture of security awareness. After another training provider's content lacked employee buy-in and engagement, they decided to search for a training option to better fit their needs without exceeding the budget.

  • Based on the Gartner Magic Quadrant, KnowBe4 stood out
  • Implementation of KnowBe4's training was "frustration free"
  • Employees became visibly more security-aware

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Case Study - Softcat

Managed IT Provider Case Study

This UK-based reseller of technology solutions and services, Softcat, had two major challenges when it came to security awareness—it was conducted on an ad hoc basis and the field in which Softcat operates requires that employees work with a large number of third parties. The board recognized the need to both implement the training and to ensure it was well executed.

  • As a reseller of KnowBe4’s services, Softcat saw the popularity amongst its own clients and knew that KnowBe4 was the right choice for them
  • KnowBe4 makes the process of required training “seamless”
  • KnowBe4’s content range and customization facilities are among the most advantageous aspects of the service

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Case Study on Security Culture

This European-based telematics company, ABAX, said that people were probably one of the largest vulnerabilities when it came to the security of the business. They needed to establish a security culture baseline within the company.

See how CLTRe, a KnowBe4 company, helped them take control of their security culture by:

  • Utilizing a series of surveys to gauge the baseline security culture of the employees
  • Establishing a clear and measurable way to define security culture with factual numbers
  • Advancing the maturity of the security program and testing the knowledge of its users through KnowBe4's engaging training modules and simulated phishing tests

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Case Study - Telkom Thumbnail

Telecommunications Case Study

Telkom South Africa invested in ongoing employee training and development to ensure cybersecurity awareness and compliance. Cybersecurity is one of its top strategic risks and they were looking for a way to change the culture of thinking within the company and to provide employees with the tools they needed to remain aware.

  • End-user surveys allowed for Telkom to measure the training effectiveness, where users gave an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 from more than 5,000 employees
  • Since deploying KnowBe4's Phish Alert Button, Telkom employees have reported more than 8,000 emails

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Nonprofit Case Study

This nonprofit organization wanted their staff to adopt a security mindset. And they set out to do just that by building up their human firewall. With a high Phish-Prone Percentage, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities aimed to train their staff and enrich their security posture.

See how KnowBe4's integrated security awareness training and simulated phishing platform helped them:

  • Reduce their Phish-Prone Percentage from 36% to 2.2% within 12 months
  • Have the ability to evolve their security culture and prepare users for more challenging social engineering and phishing schemes
  • Create an internal security culture that encourages a relationship between users and the IT department

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Education Case Study

After an Illinois school district fell victim to a DDoS attack, security and phishing became a higher priority. They needed a better way to protect sensitive data and ensure adherence to The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Key goals were to create awareness around phishing and teach employees how to properly vet emails.

See how KnowBe4's Integrated Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing Platform helped them:

  • Drop their Phish-prone percentage from 27% to .03% in 5 months
  • Improve the security-aware culture amongst staff
  • Promote positive teacher engagement with training content
  • Reinforce cautious vetting of emails with phishing and training campaigns

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Financial Institution Case Study

After a year of helping our customers train their employees against social engineering, we decided to go back, look at the actual numbers over those 12 months, and show you a case study that clearly shows the sequence of:

  • The initial Phishing Security Test (PST) that shows the baseline Phish-prone percentage
  • Stepping all employees through our Internet Security Awareness Training
  • Follow up with regular PSTs that continue to keep them on their toes
  • All graphs start out high on the left (baseline), and drop dramatically over time

A case study looked at the experience of a Financial Institution with 300 employees who did not have sufficient user education to prevent risky behavior on the Internet.

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