Which email addresses are exposed on the Internet and are a target for phishing attacks?

Are you aware that many of the email addresses of your organization are exposed on the Internet and easy to find for cybercriminals? With these addresses they can launch (spear-) phishing attacks on your organization. This type of attack is very hard to defend against, unless your users are highly ‘security awareness’ trained.
Phishing Security Test
IT Security specialists call it your ‘phishing attack surface‘. The more of your email addresses that are floating out there, the bigger your attack footprint is, and the higher the risk is. It’s often a surprise how many addresses are actually out there.

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Find out now which of your email addresses are exposed. The Email Exposure Check (EEC) is a one-time free service. We do a deep search on the Internet including looking inside Word documents and PDF files. KnowBe4 customers with a Gold package get an EEC sent to them regularly so they can address the issues that are found. An example would be the email address and password of one of your users on a crime site. Fill out the form below, and we will email you back with the list of exposed addresses. The number is usually higher than you think. (We need a valid email address from the domain of your own organization, so gmail, AOL or any other ISP are not accepted)