Vishing Test Results Reporting Vishing Definition

Vishing is the phone's version of email phishing and uses automated voice messages to steal confidential information. The term is a combination of "voice" and "phishing." 

KnowBe4 has a variety of training content to teach your users about this type of simulated phone attack. Vishing is a type of social engineering. These attacks try to trick an employee into giving out confidential information via a phone call.

Vishing attacks use a spoofed caller ID, which can make the attack look like it comes from either a known number or perhaps an 800-number that might cause the employee to pick up the phone. Vishing often uses VoIP technology to make the calls.

Vishing is an extremely useful tool for attackers, because their targets do not have time to think the situation through prior to providing information to the attacker and can easily be confused by alarming claims. Vishing attacks can be focused on all employees, or against employees that mainly deal with people outside the organization. Departments like the help desk, PR, Sales, and HR are example targets the bad actors will try to scam.

Having all employees step through security awareness training and sending them simulated phishing attacks, is an essential element of your defense-in-depth! KnowBe4 training content helps train your users on how to spot the signs of vishing scams.

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