Scam Of The Week: Phishing Email Uses Accurate GPS Data To Catch Speeding Drivers

speed_limit.pngA phishing scam posing as a speeding ticket email with a malicious link is nothing new
But here's an innovation that should give you pause. Emails claiming to be from the local police department were sent to a few local residents close to Philadelphia and had something unique. They contain accurate speeding data, including street names, speed limits, and actual driving speeds, according to the local Police Department,

"Here is a reminder that you need to be alert for fake emails that claim to come from your local police and state that you have a traffic violation you need to pay a fine for. At the moment, there is a local scam in Philadelphia that uses accurate GPS data that must have come from a compromised phone to show that a person was speeding.  This scam may spread to the rest of America soon. Remember that citations are never emailed or sent out in the form of an email attachment, and report scams like this to your local police department.

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