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SecurityCoach enables real-time security coaching of your users in response to risky security behavior. Based on the rules in your existing security software stack, you can configure your real-time coaching campaign to determine the frequency and type of SecurityTip that is sent to users at the moment risky behavior is detected.

After completing just a few setup steps, you’ll be able to easily identify and remediate risky user behavior through real-time coaching, improving overall security awareness and enhancing the capabilities of your existing security investments.

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What SecurityCoach Means for You:

  • Coach users in real-time based on their own real-world behavior, reinforcing comprehension and retention of your security training, best practices, and established security policies

  • Build custom campaigns for high-risk users or roles that are considered a valuable target for cybercriminals

  • Measure and report on improved real-world security behavior across your organization, providing justification for continued investment

  • Reduce the burden on the SOC and improve efficacy through automation and reducing alert noise caused by users repeating risky security behaviors
  • Gain additional value from your existing security stack by integrating with common security products and services

See how SecurityCoach can help you to develop a strong security culture by enabling real-time security coaching of your users in response to their risky security behavior.

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