KnowBe4 Children’s Interactive Cybersecurity Activity Kit

Looking for a way to talk about online safety and security with your children? Your favorite security awareness and simulated phishing provider, KnowBe4, provides a fun and interactive cybersecurity kit to help you teach them valuable online safety and security skills.

 Make learning about cybersecurity fun with the password zapper, clickbait cootie catcher and spot the phish games. Let them explore their creative side with the security cat coloring book. Protect them from cyberbullying scenarios with our video module on the topic.

Watch the videos and download the games to get the conversation started and to equip your children with the security skills that will benefit and enrich their online experience.

Bye Bye Bully Module

KnowBe4-Security-Awareness-Training Cyber Bullying

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Spot the Phish - Kid's Edition

KnowBe4-Security-Awareness-Training Spot the Phish Module

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Password Zapper Game

KnowBe4-Security-Awareness-Training Password Zapper Game

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Security Cat's Activity Book for Kids

KnowBe4-Security-Awareness-Training Activity Workbook 1

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Tabletop Activity Packet

KnowBe4-Security-Awareness-Training Activity Workbook 2

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