Career Pathways

What Are Career Pathways?

KnowBe4’s Career Pathways are designed to look beyond the typical skill requirements that are highlighted by the standard hiring process and instead invest in human potential. These pathways aim to find talent with different backgrounds, skills, and experiences and to give participants all the tools and support they need to be successful in their careers.

KnowBe4 currently offers four Career Pathways: JumpStart, CodeStart, ReStart, and NewStart. These pathways are each meant for a unique audience, including recently separated veterans, individuals from underrepresented communities who are looking to get their first big career break, and individuals looking for a fresh start in a new career field.

Currently, KnowBe4's Career Pathways are only available in the US to individuals with the right to work in the US.

Why Join?

Build Your Professional Portfolio-1-1

Build Your Professional Portfolio

  • Everything you learn throughout our programs will become a piece of your portfolio, which will showcase your personal and professional development journey.
  • Build a wealth of new skills that will be useful in any career you pursue.
  • Get professional headshots taken that you can use on your LinkedIn profile.
Further Your Education

Further Your Education and Experience

  • Upon completion of the pathway and acceptance of continued employment, you will be eligible for certification reimbursement, certification bonuses, and tuition reimbursement.
  • Build skills in business etiquette, networking, time management, effective communication, financial planning, and more during monthly professional development workshops.
Further Your Education
Learn From the Best

Learn From the Best

  • Receive amazing training from our diverse group of industry experts, your team, and your management.
  • Access KnowBe4's network of employee development specialists, our expert leadership team, and our dedicated global diversity, inclusion & belonging team.
  • Meet with our executive leaders for frequent Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions.
Have Fun

Have Fun

  • Join a dynamic team that understands how to make work exciting.
  • Participate in monthly team-building events and social activities, along with company-sponsored events.
  • Get all the perks of being a part of KnowBe4, including unlimited snacks, coffee and tea, game rooms, massage chairs, company events and so much more!
Have Fun (alternate) - Career Pathways - Ping Pong-1

Our Pathways:

JumpStart: Technical Support Pathway

  • Designed for underrepresented communities.
  • Meant for early-career professionals with a high school diploma or GED and little to no professional experience.
  • A paid, full-time position on our technical support team.
  • Lots of professional development and further education opportunities.

ReStart: Career Changers Pathway

  • Designed for underrepresented communities.
  • Meant for professionals with several years of experience in an unrelated industry or individuals looking to return to work after an extended break.
  • A paid, full-time position on our customer success team.
  • Lots of career advancement and new learning opportunities. 

NewStart: Veterans Pathway

  • Designed for military veterans who are looking for an opportunity to start a new career in the civilian workforce.
  • A paid, full-time position on our technical support team.
  • Dedicated support for our veteran Knowsters.
  • Lots of professional development and new learning opportunities.

CodeStart: QA Engineering Pathway

  • Designed for underrepresented communities.
  • Meant for individuals with little to no professional experience in software engineering - whether a high school graduate or a career changer.
  • A paid, full-time position on our QA engineering team.
  • Lots of professional development and further education opportunities.

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