Kevin Mitnick Home Internet Security Course

Hi, my name is Kevin Mitnick. I’m a security consultant and I help people protect themselves against attacks over the Internet. In my teens and twenties I was curious and wanted to know how easy it would be to get into big companies’ networks. I found it was way too easy to hack into corporate networks and get information that I should not be able to get. That’s how in the early nineties I became the ‘World’s Most Wanted Hacker.’ Today, criminals on the Internet are going after families. They try to guess your passwords and steal your credit card information. They try to empty out your personal bank accounts or to steal your identity. And some Internet predators are after your children. It is very important to keep your whole family safe on the Internet, and that is why we created this course for you.

KnowBe4 Introduces the Kevin Mitnick Home Internet Security Course™

This is a brand-new, high quality web-based interactive course made in 2013. There are 8 sections using real-life examples that show how someone got in trouble using the Internet and what you need to do to stay safe. Each section has a live Kevin Mitnick video with your security do’s and don’ts, and each section has a fun ‘security check’ quiz at the end. The Kevin Mitnick Home Internet Security Course was created for all members of your family that are regularly on the Internet from age 12 and up. The sections are between 4 and 10 minutes long, and your whole family will learn about:
1) Passwords;
2) Giving Out Personal Information;
3) Online Banking;
4) Protecting Children Online;
5) Protecting Your Identity;
6) Securing Your Computer and Network;
7) Spam, viruses and more, and
8) Opening Emails and Attachments.
This course makes sure that all your family members understand how not to get tricked by spam, phishing, spear-phishing, malware and social engineering, and know what not to do while they are on the Internet. You also get a unique ‘cheat-sheet’ you can print out and study: Social Engineering Red Flags™ with 22 things to watch out for and see if an email is really a scam. We strongly recommend to watch all 8 sections during one weekend, so you will be thoroughly trained in Internet Security, and there will be no ‘knowledge gap’. The course also has a resource section where all the points that Kevin discusses are in a PDF checklist that you can print out and use to make sure you are safe online.


Based on Kevin’s 30+ year first-hand hacking experience.

All family members will get up-to-date web-based training, videos and a quiz at the end of each section, providing a thorough Internet Security Awareness Training. All modules together are around 60 minutes worth of training. KnowBe4 is a market leading on-demand Internet Security Awareness Training provider with hundreds of enterprise clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not that much into hacking, who is Kevin Mitnick?

During the mid nineties, Kevin Mitnick was the ‘World’s Most Wanted Hacker’, and now is a Fortune 500 Security Consultant: Based on his 30+ years of first-hand experience with hacking and social engineering, we are covering Internet Security for the whole family with a number of topics. All your family members will be much better trained to be safe on the Internet. Read more here: Who is Kevin Mitnick?

I have a Product Key, what do I do with it to see the training?

Go to, enter the Product Key, create your account, and start the training right away!

Is the training key the same as the VIPRE licence key?

No, they are different keys and you go to a different website to see the training.

What/where is the Product Key for the training?

If you bought the training as part of the Home Shopping Today Special in a bundle with VIPRE, the training Product Key is on a printed instruction sheet inside the VIPRE box.

The video won’t play

If you are on a wireless connection, it will take a short while to download the video.

What if I need to stop in the middle of a segment, do I need to start over?

No, the training remembers where you are in that segment and if you come back it ask you if you want to continue at that spot.

How many people in my household can do the training?

Everyone in your household (residence) can do the training. Send them the account information, or send them an invite you see on the screen.

When I give you my email address, will you spam me?

Nope, only thing you will get is regular Internet Security Hints and Tips. We will never give your email address to other people. Review the Privacy Policy for more information.

The training screen is not coming up.

You need to disable the pop-up blocker of your browser for this training.

At the end of the training, there is a section with Red Flags. It would be great to have a PDF with those Red Flags, is that possible?

Yes, it’s actually available from within the training. Click on the Resources option at the top right corner of the Main menu, and click on Social Engineering Red Flags. The PDF will show up and is printable. Here is a copy as well, you could give this to all family members so they can print it out and have a copy.

Please be aware of the following System Requirements

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– Linux – Chrome 16.0+ and FireFox 2+

– Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari require Flash Player 6.0 or higher. (Chrome has Flash built-in.)

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– A minimum screen resolution of 800×600 is required to view courses.

Note: a slow wireless connection could cause delays in video playback.

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